Publishing Piscatorial Papers: The Dos and Don’ts

InstructorsDavid SpeareJeff Wolf  and Patricia Gaunt 

The workshop will begin on September 2nd in the morning from 9 am and continue to 12 noon, and will take place at the Atlantic Veterinary College – University of Prince Edward Island. See full schedule here.

Are you nervous about submitting your manuscript?  Surprised your last submission required extensive revisions, or worse, was rejected?   Do you wish to author articles that you can be proud of for years to come?  This workshop, chaired by journal editors, will provide tips and recommendations for creating successful and well-regarded publications. Topics will include “what happens to a paper after it is submitted?” and “working with journal editors.” Instructors will review publication metrics such as journal impact factor and H and M indices, and discuss practical aspects of manuscript preparation and submission, including:

  • Goals of manuscript submission
  • Common manuscript pitfalls
  • Enhanced writing and organizational skills
  • Frequent study design issues
  • Describing experimental methods
  • Superior data presentation
  • Suggestions for results interpretation
  • Creating effective tables and figures
  • Photomicroscopy tips
  • Handling and responding to reviewer comments

This workshop will be restricted to 40 participants. Selection will be on a first come basis, with preference given to students and young professionals. The session will open in concert with conference registration in January 2018.